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December 29, 2010

Street Art (Julian Beever Part 5)

As usual, Julian Beever has great interactions with spectators in addition to strategically inserting himself into his creative productions.

Note that he creates the illusion of a miniature person on the beer by using distance.

December 17, 2010

Lazy People in Action!

A great example of your tax dollars at work. Unless these are volunteer firefighters that never got paid.

People that figured walking their dogs should not require walking on their part. Also has the side effect of being very disruptive to traffic with the exception of driving in a quiet part of their neighborhood.

Fast food being unhealthy is one thing but sitting in line for fast food is quite something else.

First taking the walking out of "walking the dog" and now lawn mowing. Laziness knows no bounds.

If people were planning to use the gym, one has to wonder why there would even be an escalator installed for the gym. It is like some malicious plan to draw out the laziness in people.

Crossing the street on a Segway while pushing a baby stroller. A bit unsafe with a good size dose of laziness.

Don't people normally have to sit down to kayak in the first place? This man is just kayaking with style.

Images via Izatrini and
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