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October 11, 2010

Street Art (Edgar Mueller Part 4)

This is the second cave piece created by Edgar Mueller (First piece here). This artistic work was created in Geldern, Germany which is where the previously discussed Lava Burst piece was completed. This was also done for the International Street Painting Competition.

Rain is one of the greatest enemies of street artists. Much effort must be put into precautions against rain or all the difficult labor done will be wasted.

The third of Edgar Mueller's cave project can be found in Ptuj, Slovenia. The mural was completed in four days right in time for the Culture Festival that took place in Ptuj.

A challenge Mueller faced here was the rough surface of the roads. Poor surface condition is a challenge faced by street artists everywhere. This is one reason some street painters prefer doing their work on a canvas to remove any problems with floor conditions.


Naj said...

saw this guy on national geographic yesterday!
the things he make is really awesome.

Rorschach Redemption said...

That one is just insane.

Ah man, I never thought about what would happen if you were in the middle of this without a tarp and there was a big rain.

Rezden said...

That is amazing. I'd be scared to walk on it, lol.

Drackar said...

That is some pretty nasty road.

KillerKun said...

i once tried this, but guess what?... RAIN

Nailgun said...

This stuff is so cool and trippy

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