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November 18, 2010

Paper Craft Sculptures (Eckman)

Lancers on Rocky Ground II

The level of details in these paper models truly brings a whole new extreme to the category of paper craft. I have seen numerous paper crafts and origami styles but the work of Allen and Patty Eckman seriously stands out. The features on the Native Americans are completed right down to a strand of hair. Not only is the level of detail impressive but also the large scale of certain models with the same amount of details.

Many of the work by the Eckmans revolve around the American Revolution and Civil War time periods. Regardless if the art piece was on a human or background, the artistic works show great depth and realism. If Eckman Fine Arts decide to broaden their scope beyond the current set time period, I suspect there will be an even greater success waiting for them with their accomplished artistic skills.

The piece on the left is titled North West Trackers while the one on the right is titled The Way.

The sculpture on the left is labeled Replenishment and the one on the right is labeled Fancy-Dancer.

Note that the paper craft sculptures are suitable to act as the original model in creation of bronze sculptures. The paper sculptures have a material strength similar to wood and leather in their finished state. These paper productions holds the advantage of being more lightweight than clay models in addition to durability.

From left to right: Blessing the Journey, Hoop Dancer Dancing Eagle, Offering the Medicine Skull

From left to right: A Fight For Food, Lacrosse Brothers, Hula Girl

From left to right: Hawaiian Princess, Little Bear Dancing II, Hummin' in the Bluebells II

Driving the Longhorns

It is incredible how well paper can represent muscle and skin tones.

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Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

The fact that these are made of paper is absolutely astounding.

>These paper productions holds the advantage of being more lightweight than clay models in addition to durability.

I'd assume they don't take to water as well? Haha.

Telia Tuli said...

these are nice
i like the chick lacrosse one

Tencrowns said...

Wow, these are really eye-popping. I've never really seen paper sculpture like this, it's always origami or really abstract molded pieces.

hippilazma said...

these should be computer aided , lots of details

Ratch said...

looks amazing

Rorschach Redemption said...

I was amazed, then I realized the scale of them and was doubly amazed.

David Davidson said...

These are really impressive. It's hard to believe that this was all done with paper.

Truth Finder said...

fancydancer. my favorite of them all.

Eazy P said...

Paper craft is awesome. I've never seen any with this level of detail though. Thanks for sharing.

Dan said...

I just dont want to believe you. I can not grasp how awesome that is, so it would be easier for me to just pretend it isnt real. at all.

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