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December 15, 2010

Camouflage Posters (Fred Lebain)

Fred Lebain visited New York during the spring of 09 where he captured several highly detailed images. He later printed these scenic photos onto large posters and superimposed them at the location of the original photograph. The end result is a stealthy camouflage with a hint of surrealism.

This is quite a play on time and location brings out a certain uniqueness and spirit of New York.

The high quality captures of New York hides the person behind it fairly well but at the same time it does not do it perfectly which is crucial. It would not nearly be as interesting if viewers could not tell that the posters were actually not part of the background.

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Les said...

Wow, they look awesome! I always like works like these, they make you question your surroundings and it's very tempting to peel them back to find out what's behind them.

NooG said...

IRL shooped

Mr Bouchard said...

This is pretty creative! Running through this I sure would have to look twice before being sure!

Anonfourtwenty said...

Trippy concept, reminds me of that guy who paints people to blend in.

MRanthrope said...

I dug it. makes me long for another NYC trip as well.

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